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Macon Moore

Board of Directors

Tamer Acikalin, MD

Bradley D. Bain

Cynthia Beaulieu

Jennifer Benjamin

Chad Berg

Anita Demps

Stella Del Bianco

Pam Dongieux

Martin Drell, MD

Adonis Expose

Krystle Ferbos

Philip J. Frady

Andrew Freeman

Charles Gaspard

Ana Gershanik

Kim Glazer Goldberg

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Yulia Houghtaling

Terrence Humphrey

Emily Marcotte

Meredith Maxwell

Beverly Matheney

Crystal D. McDonald

Demetric Mercadel

Marguerite Moisio

Julie Wise Oreck

Stephanie Osborne

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Joyce Pulitzer

Alexandra Rife

Emily LaRene Roberts

Gary Solomon, Jr.

Tracy J. Stewart

Cordelia Tullous

Walter Willard

Elizabeth M. Williams

Tamara J. Wyre

Joan Zaslow


Legacy Council

Gail Gelfand

Saundra Levy

Ivy Kushner

Gail Barnes-McKenna


Advisory Board

Scott Hutcheson

Terrance Osborne

Norman Robinson

Nell Nolan Young







Latest News
JCPenney Partners with Young Audiences Arts for Learning
August 13, 2014

JCPenney Partners with Young Audiences Arts for Learning.

Lyons Center is revitalized with public and private funds
June 11, 2013

Young Audiences of Louisiana, or YALA, on Baronne St. last week launched a two-month youth camp at Lyons—teaching visual and performing arts, combined with science, technology, engineering and math.

Young Audiences of Louisiana Announces School Partnerships for Competitive Afterschool Grant
March 22, 2013

Young Audiences of Louisiana, the leading arts-education organization in the state has announced its seven school partners for the upcoming cycle of 21st Century Community Learning Center grants from the Department of Education. Young Audiences has been awarded this grant three times since 2006.

Young Audiences Charter School To Open At Kate Middleton Campus in Fall of 2013
March 8, 2013

Young Audiences Charter School at Kate Middleton will open its doors in August to any Jefferson Parish student entering Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. Students must reside in Jefferson Parish. Each following academic year, the school will add one grade to serve students in grades K-8 by Fall, 2018.

Young Audiences of Louisiana Approved to Open Charter School In Jefferson Parish
November 8, 2012

Since 1962 the local non-profit organization Young Audiences of Louisiana has led the state of Louisiana in arts education. At Wednesday night’s meeting of the Jefferson Parish School Board the board approved the non-profit to operate a new open enrollment charter school in Jefferson Parish for the 2013-14 school year.

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