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Invest in a brighter future for Louisiana

Students without access to the arts are 45% more likely to drop out than students who are fortunate enough to have the arts included in their education. Each of us has the power to make a difference in the life of a child. A donation to Young Audiences is an investment in a brighter future for Louisiana.

Over ¢80 of every $1.00 you donate goes directly to Young Audiences programs.


What will my donation do?

With so many nonprofits and organizations offering ways to give back, it can be hard to know what cause to support, much less how to support it. We believe donors should have a personal connection to the cause as well as a clear understanding of how they are supporting the cause they believe in. We want you to be secure in the specifics of your donation. Here are some examples of how your donation will be used:

$25        provides a young artist with paint supplies for a semester

$50        purchases a new costume for a student performance

$100      can put a new instrument in a young person’s hands

$250+    sponsors a student for a whole summer at a Young Audiences camp

Make a Donation
Want to make a difference in a child’s education and the arts community?

Make a financial contribution to Young Audiences of Louisiana and invest in a brighter future for Louisiana.

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