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Young Audiences Offers a Variety of Black History Month Programs

Published: February 2, 2012

Young Audiences has a wide variety of programs to help your school celebrate Black History Month. Young Audiences’ signature live performances challenge students to think creatively. Performances last 45 minutes and entertain and engage up to 250 students in an auditorium,gymnasium, or other group setting. Back-to-back performances can accommodate two different groups.

In addition to the programs highlighted below, a variety of storytellers, including Angela the Yarnspinner and Adella Adella the Storyteller, are available for $350 and can tailor any program to fit your school’s needs.

MetroPELICAN Opera
Celebration in Song
This engaging program is designed to coordinate with Black History Month. Students will delight in the kaleidoscope of African songs, storytelling, poetry, spirituals and selections from both opera and the Broadway stage.
Price: $325/$550 back-to-back

Carl Leblanc
Songs of My People (Grades 5-12)
This performance is a must for Black History Month, but it is equally vital throughout the entire year. Carl LeBlanc performs selections that illustrate Black America's legacy of music as a vehicle toward freedom. Gospel hymns, anthems from the civil rights movement and melodies of racial pride are the focus of this inspirational program.
Price: $350/$530 back-to-back

WordPlay New Orleans
Sankofa: I Am Black History
This performance is a unique artistic presentation of Black History from a first person point of view, told through the devices of storytelling and spoken word. In the spirit of Sankofa (learning from the past to understand the present), young people are encouraged to see their own potential through the lives of historical figures.
Price: $205/$350 back-to-back

Habari Gani (What's Going On?)
Find out "what's happening" (Habari Gani) as this exciting and dynamic African American dance and drum company visits your school. The authentic program of African movements, chants, rhythms and traditional folklore has been delighting audiences for years. With multiple opportunities for audience participation, Habari Gani is a memorable experience for all.
$700/$1100 back-to-back

Brother Roscoe
Telling Tales
Roscoe C. Reddix, Jr. shares lessons from Africa and around the world through stories, songs, and movement. Talking animals, animate objects and mystical folk abound in stories that expand cultural awareness, enhance school culture, and provide life lessons culled from the wisdom of ages. Although a typical session may involve a trip around the world, the underlying message is that people are really all the same. A particular emphasis on African American History can be effortlessly incorporated upon request.
Price: $295/$440 back-to-back

Donald Lewis
From Africa to America
Donald Lewis takes the students through history with this collection of stories from African and African American traditions. Students will laugh out loud as they meet the silly selfish man with the tree on his head and hum along to Nat King Cole's "Straighten Up and Fly Right" during hilarious renditions of beloved stories.
Price: $260/$375 back-to-back

Givonna Joseph
A Tribute to Marian Anderson
This program is a tribute to a woman who changed the world both as an artist and civil rights icon. She was beloved by Kings and Queens and all people around the world who heard her voice. Marian Anderson's concert at the Lincoln Memorial that was sponsored by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt set America on a new path to freedom and justice. As the first African American to sing with The Metropolitan Opera in New York, she forged a path for many artists who work in the operatic field today.
Price: $345/$440 back-to-back

Please call (504) 523-3525 or email Scheduling@ya4la.org to schedule a performance for your school!

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