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Unpacking the 'Model Arts Lessons'

Due to the recent increased arts requirement for kindergarten through eighth grade Louisiana public school students, the Department of Education released a series of model arts lessons in all of the core disciplines to aid teachers in developing quality lessons.  Join Roscoe Reddix, Jr, as he illuminates the core arts techniques used in these lessons and guides teachers in taking the next step.


Brother Roscoe


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About Brother Roscoe

Roscoe Reddix Jr. is a graduate of Howard University with a BFA in Theater Arts and Directing. He is the founder of Spirit Talk, a dance and story theater based in New Orleans that performs works infused with the rich folklore of the African Diaspora. For six years he danced with the LAMusicale, an Afro-Caribbean dance company and from 1998-2000 was a member of the African American Dance Ensemble in Durham North Carolina. On his return to New Orleans he taught acting and stagecraft at Eleanor McMain High School.

Mr. Reddix began his career with Young Audiences as a roster artist in dance, storytelling and theater in 1996. Mr. Reddix develops and leads professional development workshops for both artists and educators in Louisiana and throughout the Young Audiences network. He also oversees the Arts for Learning Literacy Lessons program, a national Young Audiences initiative that was awarded an i3 grant for innovation. Additionally, Mr. Reddix served on a national team that designed an outcome-based approach to arts integrated programs, Young Audiences 4 Key Elements.

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Audience for this Offering

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1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade


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Art Genre/s

Movement and Dance
Poetry and Storytelling
Visual Arts


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