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Classical Music of India

The Classical Music of India program introduces the rich melodic and rhythmic structures of North Indian (Hindustani) classical music in an entertaining yet educational format.  Introductory performances precede a breakdown of the poetry of the music using both vocals and instruments including the tuned tabla drums, and the exotic, multi-stringed instruments like the sitar, or sarode. Each program involves the students using creative aspects of the music. Students often leave contentedly clapping rhythms and playfully singing "sa-re-ga-ma" (India's "do-re-mi") or the spoken rhythmic patterns of the tabla drum language.

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Music in India


Single: $450 | Double: $700

Technical Needs

Clean carpet on a riser or presentable floor space is appreciated. *Discounts available if adequate riser &/or sound system can be provided by the hosts.

Study Guide

No study guide is currently available online for this performance offering

About Music in India

Andrew McLean, a native New Orleanian trained in North Indian classical music, offers two programs introducing elements of Indian music which depict the traditional yet contemporary music with a focus on rhythm, melody and vocal percussion. Through creative activities with the students, they also demonstrate how the music of India has begun to impact and interact with the sounds and musicians of the Crescent City.

Andrew McLean

Andrew McLean, a native of New Orleans, has been playing music in New Orleans and beyond since childhood. Andrew was nurtured early on by jazz guitar great Hank Mackie and later by world music and jazz faculty at both U.C.L.A.’s department of ethnomusicology and at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California where he has been receiving training in Indian music from the legendary maestros Ali Akbar Khan (Ravi Shankar), Swapan Chaudhuri and Zakir Hussain (Planet Drum, Bela Fleck). His pioneering work of bringing Indian music to New Orleans has been requested at landmark settings like Snug Harbor and Jazz Fest as well as at the top recording studios.  His notable collaborators include many outstanding, world-class musicians such as Aashish Khan, the late New Orleans piano genius Henry Butler and the late Tim Green, Jason Marsalis, Mike Dillon, Michael Ray (Sun Ra, Kool and the Gang, Phish), Harold Brown (War), James Singleton and Stephen Masakowski (Astral Project), and “Mardi Gras Indian” Chief Smiley Ricks and the Indians of the Nation (Dr. John), etc.

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