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Drop the B. E. A. T (Bullying Ends After Talking)

Drop The B.E.A.T." (Bullying Ends After Talking), is our anti-bullying program featuring dance, drums and spoken word poetry.

*Triple performances with five members now available for $1360

**Alternate version with 5 members instead of 4 ($650 single, $1120 double, $1710 triple) 



Kabuki Dancers


Single: $530 | Double: $890

Technical Needs

There are no technical needs necessary for this performance offering

Study Guide

No study guide is currently available online for this performance offering

About Kabuki Dancers

We are a group of performing artists from the Acadiana area of Louisiana. Our 2018 "Never Give Up!" summer library tour was a huge success...over 5000 kids reached! Now, we are focused on the upcoming school year with our anti-bullying program, "Drop The B.E.A.T." (Bullying Ends After Talking). Help us combat bullying by having us at your school with this or any of our other programs/workshops for 2018/2019!

As a group, we have performed at Festival International de Louisiane, Jazz Fest, The Apollo Theater NYC, as well as part of the 2013 Super Bowl half-time activities. Locally, we work within our library and public school systems to inform and influence those in our community in a positive way. We are artists with a message! Our first program, "In or Out: Never Give Up!”, focuses on achieving goals through hard work, self-improvement and determination. Next, “Drop The B.E.A.T." (Bullying Ends After Talking), is our anti-bullying program featuring dance, drums and spoken word poetry. And third, “Shots Fired”, a new program currently under development motivated by the recent surge in youth-related gun violence. We also offer dance workshops focusing on the importance of physical fitness and wellness for all age groups

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long are your programs? 45 minutes
Typical audience size? 250-350
What grade levels do you cover? K-12 (depends on program)
Any venue restrictions? None
What else do you offer? Dance workshops, summer camps, library performances, after school programs

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Audience for this Offering

Grade Level/s

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade


Language and Arts
Physical Education

Art Genre/s

Movement and Dance
Poetry and Storytelling



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