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A Visit to Africa

This program will take the audience on a trip to Africa. In this interactive program, students will learn about the drums, and their sounds as well as the “Welcoming Dance” from the country of Liberia and “The Dance of the Strong Men” from the Malinke people of Guinea, West Africa. Students will explore the culture of the coast of West Africa through song and dance, and audience members will be selected to play an instrument or learn a traditional African dance.


N'Kafu Traditional African Dance Company


Single: $708 | Double: $1062

Technical Needs

N'Kafu Traditional African Dance Company requires a dressing room other than a bathroom. This program requires 4 microphones.

Study Guide

No study guide is currently available online for this performance offering

About N'Kafu Traditional African Dance Company

N'Kafu Traditional African Dance Company was founded by Mariama Curry out of the pure love and passion of African traditions. N'Kafu is dedicated to the research, historical documentation, preservation, presentation, and promotion of African folklore. Mariama has taught and performed in New Orleans area schools for over 20 years. Her company performs annually for events throughout the state. 

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Audience for this Offering

Grade Level/s

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade


African American Studies
Character Development
Language and Arts
Multicultural Studies
Physical Education
Social Studies

Art Genre/s

Movement and Dance


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