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Holiday Tales

"Storytime with Mrs. Claus"
A briskly-paced Visit from the "First Lady of the North
Pole!" Special puppets (& the tot-audience) enhance our ChristmasSing-a-long / Comedy, as well as interactive (yuletide) games. ThePuppet upstagers here: A Christmas Mouse (“Chrissy”), Frosty (as in “Snowman”), Yule Tide (an Elf), and Santa, of course! NOTE: This
show is totally different from the show, 

"Mrs. Claus' North Pole Magic"
Sing-a-longs, comedy, puppets, and (predominantly) fun (& interactive) Magic .....by Mrs. Claus herself!! Also Available "Storytime with Mrs. Claus"....a totally different show.

"The Toymaker's Helper"
Seasons Greetings, an aging elf who is about to retire,
is"teaching the ropes" to his newly appointed #1-Elf, "Yule."(with much help from the tot audience!) A 5-puppet cast, including "Yule", "The Nutcracker", "Rudolph", "The Christmas Seal",...and Santa, of course!

"The Krewe of Easter Karnival"
where our tuxedoed Krewe Kaptain must prepare, 
with great assistance from his "krewe" (the audience), his Easter Parade. The Easter Bunny, leads a puppet cast of 4!

showcasing "Broomella" the fun Halloween Witch, 
with harmless and complete "instruction" on how she "makes her livelihood" (with beaucoup help from the tots!) 
Special surprise: her traveling companion, a pet lady-spider!

"Krewe of Laffter Parade "
help to put on a loony Mardi Gras Parade with lotts of help from puppets (& you)!

"Star Spangled Banter"
as historically (and hysterically) relayed by our Storyteller "Indie Pendants". Celebrate the Fourth in true Porta-Puppet style, and meet such big-time (puppet) luminaries as:  Betsy Ross, The Statue of Liberty, Liberty Belle, Uncle Sam, and more !!
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"Elf...or Leprechaun???"
Shawn O'Laffter" presides over this quickly-paced quintessenstial Quiz Show....all about St. Patty's Day. Be a Contestant. Be a Winner! Music, Bagpipe, Dance, Green Lemonade, and laffter....did we mention we'll have Laffter??


Porta-Puppet Players


Please contact us to inquire about rates.

Technical Needs

This program requires two long tables flush against a wall.

Study Guide

No study guide is currently available online for this performance offering

About Porta-Puppet Players

In the fall of 1988, "Uncle" Wayne Daigrepont was asked to help repaint and refurbish the exhibits in Storyland in City Park.  It is here the Storyland  manager  hired him as park manager, which included creating and performing puppet shows at the (then-called) “Puppet Castle.”  Storyland  greatly  enhanced "Uncle" Wayne to develop his skills as a performer, program developer, and producer of original puppet shows. (The moniker, “Uncle Wayne,” had long been established, with  college friends, from the  early 70s!)

In 1990, the Esplanade Mall (based on his successes in City Park) asked if he "could do a puppet show!?" Seeing the opportunity, Wayne promptly goes “independent,” building a portable puppetorium and debuts the very first “Porta-Puppet Players” ‘  “original puppet musical-comedy,” “Louisiana Red Riding Hood!” The show abounded with local humor, paying homage to the great style of  "Kukla, Fran, and Ollie," (with the “human” character performing outside the puppetorium.) 

After a decade, Daigrepont hit upon the idea of reworking his shows into a sleeker, more intimate (& more affordable) format: “Storytelling with Puppets.” The concept proves to be very popular: the human, costumed character roaming through the audience, and the puppets are neatly veiled on a table (positioned behind the performer.)

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Audience for this Offering

Grade Level/s

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade


Character Development
Language and Arts
Social Studies

Art Genre/s

Poetry and Storytelling



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