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Samba and Brazilian Percussion

This lively and interactive performance introduces the colorful and exciting world of samba in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia Brazil and it's kinship to New Orleans carnival. Curtis Pierre, one of only seven pandeiro masters in the United States, performs the intricate techniques of the jingled insturment in a memorable display of rhythm and acrobatics.


Curtis Pierre


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There are no technical needs necessary for this performance offering

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About Curtis Pierre

Curtis Pierre, the "Samba Man" of New Orleans, is the founder and Director of Casa Samba the first School of Samba in Southern Region of the south. With his spectacular Pandeiro Acrobatics show (alone with 3-5 spinning tambourines executing a mixture of various balancing and juggling skillful routines , with lightening fast twists, turns, and cartwheels., one of the most original arts forms indigenous of samba schools of Brasil), who is ranked nationally as one of the top 3 Malabarismo (Pandeiro juggler) in America.

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